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Sorry its been "SOLD" -- headed west of course!
1919 Pedal Train....Rare, nice, mostly original condition (has some newer screws, etc.), not suitable for a child to ride in present condition. Still has some original wood flooring, it has been taken care of over the years; $3,000.00 firm must be picked up from SE MI.

FOR SALE: STEGER FIRE PATROL JEEP Appears to be late 1940's. Good wood, metal parts pitted but no rust thru anywhere. Metal parts have been repainted (quickie job) graphics on wood very good. Very wide, spacious and sturdy pedal car. $350.00 firm plus s&h from MI, shipping within the 48 contiguous U.S. only; email

We can provide a source for pedal car parts and decals (graphics) should you need them.
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HELP WANTED: We get requests asking about replicating full size vehicles into a one off pedal car. If you can do this, or know someone who can please email us...


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