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Pedal Car Plus


Specializing in Pedal Cars, Ride On Toys, Power Wheels & Toy Tractors for Children & Big Kids

Custom Pedal Car


Red Mustang Ride On Toy

Bring the kids, big and little, we’ve got toys for everyone. Personalized with flames that will blow you away. Pedal planes soaring and pedal tractors & ride on toys with class. Fire Truck and police cars with flashing lights, just like the real thing.

We have collectables like pedal car art, signs, clothes and even others with pedal cars. So grab the shifter, put your feet on the pedals and take a cruise back in time.

Custom Flame Ride On Pedal Car

Bring your own popcorn, the show is just beginning…

Pedal Cars Ride On Toys Accessories

Pedal Cars, Ride On Toys & Power Wheels for Kids

Ride On Car With Flames Down Side

So many pedal cars to choose from, as well as trikes, planes, trains and automobile styles.
Pedal car apparel, rugs, artwork, pedal household items, as well as retro items
such as pedal books, clocks, Vintage Pedal Cars pictured , coolers, steering wheels…

Vintage Coca Cola Pedal Car

Specialty Cards

(Published in the U.S.A.)
Hot Rods, Classic Cars, Trucks, Bikes, Harley Davidson, Dirt Bikes, Racing Bikes,
Racing Cars, Stock Cars, Formula, Dragsters, Snowmobiles, Fire Fighting,
Trains, Vintage Style Cards and of course Pedal Cars (click on pics)…

History of the Pedal Car

No matter what point in history you are looking at, you will find kids at play. More often than not, their favorite activities involve imitating the adults around them.

It’s not a surprise when a child wants to bake a cake, do laundry, or pick up a briefcase and go to work, but there is nothing more charming than seeing a small child get into a tiny car and pedal away!

The pedal car has been a staple as a toy for young children for ages, but where did they get their beginning and how did they become so popular?

Since the beginning we wanted to be unique and we achieved this with our innovative ideas for “Pretty’n Pink” on sedans, Hot Rodder Pedal Cars and of course our Customs.

Pink Girls Ride on Car

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